Sold / Vendu

Tone is native of France, working and living in Montreal, Canada.

If you are a junkie of contemporary urban art and a graffiti enthusiast, his artwork will leave you amazed.

Tone is a painter devotee. It was and still is the medium used to express himself and to channel his own energy.

Inspired by the graffiti’s movement, living and loving the electric vibes of urban cities,

Tone studied in architecture and in graphics, which his knowledge is reflected into his very own personal projects through his mix-and-match collage aesthetic, Tone playfully engages his viewers.

Every angle reveals something new. Colourful and tactile, his work embraces an urban energy with references to graffiti and pop culture. Each piece is unique, multilayered, and downright electric.

Having the urban essence within himself, Tone takes inspiration into the very liveness of the city.

His artwork is composed of five categories:

1/ the women’s faces

2/ the animal’s faces

3/ urban landscapes

4/ urban vibes and thoughts

5/ sculptures

Tone was invited to feature his art in multiple art galleries and events in France, in the United States, in the UK, and finally in Canada.