Fringe” from January 25 to February 5, du 25 janvier au 5 février

Vernissage : January 26, from 5-9 pm / 26 janvier de 17h à 21h

“As a photographer, I search for hidden beauty in a world that often goes unnoticed. I wanted to convey the more human side of the truckers. The Polaroid image with its vintage soft focus look and chemical shortcomings really conveyed the mood of the protests creating a timeless aesthetic that just worked with the rough and tough look of the truckers… they had this quixotic grunginess that I love to photograph.”

Paul Ozzello 

My work over the last decade has primarily focused around my search of landscapes altered by man. In these deserted landscapes is a silent presence of others that is a testament to the tragic passing of time, death, abandonment, and man’s precarious dominance over nature.

My work takes shape through my pursuit of revealing the beauty of nature reclaiming the earth back from man’s devastation and waste. These battlegrounds of nonsensical and futile struggles are reminders of a lost society held captive in a culture of mass consumption and greed. I travel and explore locations that echo these silent and omnipresent truths, inherent furtive patterns I am trying to capture and immobilize throughout my images.