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JP BEX was born in Montréal [1968]. After learning art at home from his master sculptor father, he spent a year in Switzerland prior to getting his degree in Marketing from Concordia University.

It was in Switzerland he came across the works of Paul Klee and became inspired to be an artist. Klee’s famous words “Art does not reproduce the visible. It makes visible.” had a tremendous effect on his artistic path.

BEX has had shows in the Eastern Townships (Bromont, Granby, Magog), in Old Montreal, Ottawa and in New York City.

In 2015, he moved to Ottawa where his Bex Tulip was prominently featured during several Tulip Festivals.

Simplicity has always been my goal. I love to sculpt my drawings to their very essence and then add generous splashes of pure colour.

Combining the Bauhaus philosophy with Pop Art colours, the industrial with the commercial and the enthusiasm and wonder of a child I create simply beautiful art.

My passion for the female form is inspired by the power women have within them and the force they so naturally display. Woman is where the line meets the curve, where the eye meets the heart and where finite and infinite dance.

I am continually looking for lines. A demarkation between the sky and the earth, between the light and the dark or between the observer and the observed.

If I do not see the line I want, I will carve it out. Or I will wait until I do.

I call my style Bauhaus Pop. Bauhaus for the stripped-down industrial feel and Pop (Art) for the use of pure color and commercial techniques.

I see truth in simple things, and simple beauty in complex ones… I have no time or space for complicated anything. So I try to speak, write and create in the simplest way possible. Sometimes I oversimplify, but that is a mistake I am willing to make.

It is my sincere hope that my creations connect with others, in the simplest way, with the most amount of emotion.

I enthusiastically “paint” in pure vinyl colours on lovingly brushed aluminum. I will be exploring different metals and creative ways to express my lines.

It is my philosophy that the one person you should never copy, is yourself. Fortunately for me, the line is infinite and so is my enthusiasm.